After calibrating and setting maximum and minimum limits WarnLog gives 3.3V output if limit exceeded. It has 4 sensor connections available and accordingly has four 3.3V digital output connections. Raw sensor value will be multiplied with a constant value and an other constant value will be added to have calibrated value. This calibrated sensor value will be compared with setted limits for decision of 3.3V outputs.




RoomLog measures ambient temperature and humdity.According to setted min and max values RoomLog sends mail (if enabled) and activates 3.3V digital outputs. RoomLog also checks fire and smoke.If RoomLog detects fire or smoke, it sends mail and activates 3.3V digital outputs.


Comming Soon

price starts at 600$ (one motor with 0.37kW power) varies according to motor number and power

• Scheduled motor start stop
• Sequenced motor start stop
• Set frequency and direction for each start stop
• Manage up to 10 motors
• Monitor frequency and current of motor
• Limit switches in both forward and reverse directions
• Linux OS