Device Projects:

DPT Measurement Tool

DPT Measurement Tool is a software which visualizes measurement of displacement, pressure and temperature of any hydraulic system. The software creates pdf reports and saves data in csv format when desired. Build in calibration section lets using different type of linear ruler, pressure and temperature sensor. Linear ruler with any stroke can be used in positive and negative direction. Values and graphs can be observed during measurement.

YR Drive Easy Connect

 • Reading and writing parameters on mobile phone
 • Connection via bluetooth
 • Monitor some parameters of motor on mobile phone
 • Save and load parameter sets
 • Copy parameters from one drive to an other drive

Gearbox Monitoring System

 • Broadcast data as web server over WiFi connection
 • Machines on Wi-Fi network will found automatically after customizing
 • Every gearbox gets a label
 • Temperature measurement at 0.5°C sensitivity up to 300°C
 • Easy motor speed measurement
 • Vibration FFT analyses until 500 Hz

Pedal Load and Displacement Testing Device

 • Measurement in car while driving
 • Online measurement plotting
 • Easy report preparation